Learn Wingfoil with Us!

The latest addition to our collection of courses. This sport is a combination of windfoiling, kitefoiling and surfing. The?Foil Wing is taking foiling in a new direction where the only boundaries are your own imagination. Jump on one of our wingfoil sets and be amazed by the freedom and the surf feeling in flatwater or in the waves.?For the ones with experience in any type of foil sport this variation will not be too hard to learn.

It’s the perfect way to learn how to use the wind easily and safely.

Indeed catch the two handles on the central strut and you will have the power to move forward. Let go of everything and you will stop instantly.



Learning to Wingfoil is sometimes considered to be hard and challenging. But with the right equipment and professional coaching by our experienced team you will be able to make a safe and fast entry. Wingfoil lessons are available to everyone, but when you never used a foil in any other discipline we will take it step by step to guarantee your safety.

  • level : good windsurfing or Kitesurfing level Surf or Sup experience
  • requirement : riding upwind in kite- or windsurfing
  • duration : each lesson, min. 1?hour max. 2 hours per lesson
  • group ratio : private, semi private or group (starting from 3 pax)
  • equipment :?3,4 and 5 meter wings in combinations with the 6.7 Sky Foil board.

Lessons Details

  • Includes: All equipment (helmet, buoyancy aid, harness, sail, kite and board)
  • Course Locations Portugal:?
    Portugal – Lisboa:? Costa Caparica and Lagoa de Albufeira, just south of Lisbon.
  • Duration:?6 hours
  • Price: 320€ per person

Types of lessons for all levels

  • ?Initiation: learn the basics of handling the wing and waterstart on a stable board with high volume.
  • Intermediate: you are kitesurfer, discover the Wingfoil! After a foiling lesson, learn how to handle the wing and discover the feeling of flying in all safety.
  • Foilers: learning in open water will allow you to worry only about your progress. Our instructors will coach you?to help in the manouvers.

5 Days-Zero To Hero

We teach you from the basics and take it right up to getting you kiteboarding upwind comfortably!