Windsurf equipment rental

  • Windsurf Equipment Rental

About our Windsurf Equipment Rental we guarantee great gear and plenty of it! Each year we do all that we can to make sure we have the best gear on the beach. Choose from an entire fleet including many of the latest model NeilPryde rigs and top-quality JP-Australia boards carefully selected to match local conditions.

We have windsurf rigs and boards for all levels and every sailing style. Learn the basics on our forgiving beginner boards and for higher performance, choose from a wide variety of freestyle, wave, and formula/slalom boards.

Exact models will vary, so check with us if you hope to have something specific. Custom kids rigs are available at our windsurf rental locations.

With gear on-hand for all ability levels and every windsurf sailing style, you can rely on our windsurf rental equipment to help keep you on the water!
Windsurf Small boards: All boards 100 liters and smaller. For accomplished beginner/intermediate through expert sailors in planing conditions.
Windsurf Medium Boards: Larger freeride style boards 101-135 liters. For intermediates, advanced and heavier or freeride sailors or lighter air planing.
Windsurf Large Boards: Larger freeride style windsurf boards 101-135 liters. For advanced or intermediates, and heavier freeride windsurf sailors.
Windsurf XL Boards: Boards over 180 liters. Full volume windsurf boards that are perfect for practicing basic long board skills.