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  1. Surf School Caparica Is a?Surfer’s Dream Come True

    Surfers and others looking for a unique vacationing experience don’t need to look any further than Lisbon beach of the Costa de Caparica village. Why is that? It’s Europe’s longest shady shoreline along the Atlantic Ocean. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is; good waves are often experienced here. Waves that suit any surfer’s level – from novice to advanced.

    Costa de Caparica has everything you would want to have.

    • surf school caparica
    • surf school caparica

    What Else Can You Experience In Costa de Caparica?

    If you love nature (besides water), you can take in the sights and do a little walking of Fear Woods, which can be found in the Protected Landscape of the Ancient Beach. You can also enjoy the desert beaches or take in some fishing at the Cova do Vapor village, which is near the Rio Tejo. However, you’d prefer to spend your time on vacation; you can enjoy it in Costa de Caparica.

    The village allows you to partake in its daily routine of buying fresh fish and vegetables, eat or drink at the beach bars and do all kinds of things – without having to drive. Go for a run along the promenade by the sea at dusk or dawn, taking in the sound of the surf.

    Why Lisbon Beach, you ask?

    It’s one of the coolest spots in all of Europe. You can find out for yourself why people from all over the world are coming here.

    Want To Learn How To Surf? Check Us Out…

    Have you ever wanted to surf but never had the opportunity to learn how. When you visit Lisbon Beach of Costa de Caparica, it’s recommended that you partake in surf lessons. There are also lessons for intermediate surfers to take advantage of. Our surfing instructors are highly professional, sharing with you their vast knowledge to ensure you have more fun. They can help you choose the right spot, board and tide to “shred.”

    We have received our certification from the Portuguese surfing federation and operate under the belief of “quality over quantity.”

    We are just five minutes from the center of town, where you can visit local restaurants and bars every night if you want. Or, you can relax in style and comfort.

    What You Can Expect At Surf School Caparica / Camp

    We make sure to give you all the comforts of home including but not limited to:

    • TV lounge and dining area
    • Fully-equipped kitchen
    • Wetsuit & Board storage room
    • Sunbeds
    • Tropical garden with balance games and ping pong table
    • BBQ area

    Our facilities at surf school caparica can accommodate up to 37 people with shared rooms for three or four people – twin (2 beds) and double (1 bed) and single rooms, which come with a private bath, BBQ area, a complete kitchen with a dishwasher and washing machine.

    We have all kinds of services to ensure you enjoy your time. Need some assistance booking other activities? Want some assistance for airport rides? We have them! We also provide bath towels and bed linen and clean the Surf Camp daily.

    The Daily Routine Of Surf Camp

    8:30 a.m. – Breakfast –?When you sign up for Surf Camp, you’re in for a world of fun. The day begins around 8:30 a.m. with breakfast in the breakfast room. You can fill up on food that gives you energy for lots of surfing such as pancakes, eggs, cheese, ham, yogurts, fruits, milk, fresh juice and more. If you want to create a sandwich for later (lunch on the beach), you can also do that.

    9:30 a.m. – Heading Out –?About 9:30 a.m., we’ll get you and the surfing boards into the van, where we’ll then head to get the best waves.

    Beach Arrival – When we get to the beach, you’ll be divided into groups that align with your surfing level and your equipment is handed out. After the morning surf lessons are over, you can rest and relax by eating lunch and gearing yourself up for the next lesson.


    Our Caparica Surf beach?is just a short ride away from the camp, and is a small city with countless stores and restaurants where you can get a taste of the local Portuguese cuisine and culture. ?Caparica is surrounded by some of the best kitesurf and surf spots in the world.


    Situate on the occidental coast of the Peninsula of Setúbal. ?Its coastal extent represents the largest contiguous beach in Portugal, with an expanse of approximately 30 kilometres, from the left margin of the Tagus River to the estuary of Albufeira. Popular in the summer with tourists and local visitors. Caparica Surf Camp is in Caparica Villa.


    Please inform us in writing as soon as possible and we’ll try to accommodate your request.


    Arrival and departure?you can pop up whenever you like. The nearest airport is in Lisboa, half-hour from Caparica. Check, Tap, KLM, Tui, Ryanair, EasyJet for direct flights to Lisbon. The price is between 100-400 euro roundtrip.


    Transfer to/from the airport is not included in the price, on arrival/departure day. Write your arrival time and flight info in your booking. The transfer takes around 30 minutes, depending on the Lisbon traffic and is?around 40€.

    Transfer from Kitecamp to Kitebeach is 10€ per day/person


    Breakfast is included in the price, and we serve it every morning at 08h00. The camp kitchen is well equipped, and you can fill the fridge with your favorite lunch ingredients. If you are too tired to make dinner, you are welcome to join one of our organized dinners out in town. You can eat a tasty meal for only 15-20 euro (including drinks)


    Please bring comfortable sturdy pair of shoes (e.g.: tennis shoes), towel, bathing suit/bikini, sunscreen, sunglasses and warm clothes if it’s cold on that day.


    • Normal Wind strength: 15-30kts (7-15m/s)
    • Direction: NW
    • Water temperature: 18-22 degrees celsius?
    • Seafloor: Sandy. No need for shoes.
    • Wetsuit? Yes. Surf shorts are perfect on the beach, but with the water temp and windchill you probably want a wetsuit.

    Our classes usually take place in the afternoon?(around 14h00) because that’s when we have most favorable wind conditions.

    Your Time, Departing and Evening Fun

    After surfing lessons are done for the day, you can choose how to spend your time – drink, take in the sun and watch the waves to your heart’s content. About 6 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., we load the vans and head back to the camp.

    There, you can take a nice, hot shower and get energized for the night out. You can either cook your own meal or check out one of the many restaurants to enjoy. On Friday nights, you can enjoy the famous BBQ, with salad, pasta, fish, meat and wine and beer to enjoy with it.

    Come back and relax or do some dancing at a local bar. Remember though, you have waves waiting for you to take advantage of the next day.