Stand Up Paddle Lessons

  • Stand up paddle lessons

SUP is the often used abbreviation for Stand up paddle?and is one of the fastest growing water sports. Many people is trying it and so many people are trying this new water activity for its fun and easy way to play on the water.

Stand up paddle is so popular as you are not just restricted to the sea with waves, but it can also be practiced on rivers and lakes.

Stand up Paddle boarding gives you an incredible workout and is popular as a training activity for all athletes. As you’re standing up, you also enjoy the excellent views of everything what’s happening near you on the water.

The sport is relatively simple and easy to start and there are so many different elements to stand up paddling depending on how you want to enjoy the water, and how fast you want to learn!

It is relatively easy if taught in suitable water conditions so we know where are the best location for the conditions on the day and meet or on our school or directly on the spot, avoiding a difficult and disappointing first sup session.

Your first Intro stand up paddle session will get you to grips with the equipment (paddle & board ) and how these pieces of equipment can open up a truly versatile water sport.

Our stand up paddle lessons make a easy learning and with a lot of fun! This is more than a lesson, it’s an water sport adventure that builds your confidence and challenges your body to learn stand up paddling.?

Our professional instructors are all enthusiastic, trained and they’ll have you up and paddling on flat water within an hour.