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Kitesurf Lessons Portugal

So you’ve heard about this awesome, not-so-new-anymore, sport that is taking over the beaches and skies around the world called kitesurfing, and you’ve finally decided to see what is all about? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Sbkiteboarding school will help you.

More and more people are signing up for kitesurfing courses. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you’ll be absolutely crazy about this action sport! Kitesurfing is a mixture of paragliding, wakeboarding, surfing and windsurfing, and appeals to a large target group.

Novices can learn the basics in courses of 6 to 10 lessons. You start with an introduction to powerkite flying to get used to the kite’s power and the technique of handling it, and at the end of the first course unit you should be able to control the kite and cope with its tremendous pull in every situation, and to manage a safe start and landing.

At our Kitesurf lessons Portugal school we use Zeeko-kites, North Kiteboarding?kites and SU-2 Kiteboards?and Prolimit accessories during all lessons. You will learn much faster on new technology equipment, and we have a large selection of kites, so we can adapt the kite to the wind.
Kitesurfing is a sport which you can learn really quickly, because all the maneuvers can be simulated on dry land. It may look like a sport for top athletes, but in fact it’s easy to learn for anyone with average ability. Of course, if you’re already a surfer, windsurfer or wakeboarder or do any of the other board sports, then you’ll take to kitesurfing even more readily – but it’s not necessary to have any previous experience.

Classes are imparted in Guincho beach – Cascais (West of Lisbon). Our school is also mobile, depending on conditions classes can also take place in Lagoa de Albufeira, Alcochete or Costa da Caparica.
Kitesurfing lessons make a great weekend activity but we do run courses every day of the week.


5 Days-Zero To Hero

We teach you from the basics and take it right up to getting you kiteboarding upwind comfortably!

  • Each day is approximately two to three hours long and no previous experience is required but any background in wake boarding, windsurfing, sailing, snowboarding or surfing will definitely help you progress further during the course.
  • By the end of day, you should/ will have a comfortable knowledge of how to progress independently/ get out there yourself and practice safely on your own. We cannot promise that you’ll have it nailed after this course, but hopefully you’ll be well on the way!
  • We’re still here to guide you with a ‘tune up’, but it’s all about time on the water from here. The only thing we do recommend is not to have too bigger break before you finish the course so that you do not forget everything and slow the progress of others when you return.
  • Please note the minimum age of our Kitesurfing courses is 12 years.
  • Anyone under the age of 18 years must be accompanied by a responsible adult who must remain on site for the Kitesurfing lesson duration.?All equipment is included in the kitesurfing lessons.
  • Please bring – Sensible sturdy pair of shoes, towel, swimming costume, suncream, sunglasses, and warm clothes if it’s cold.
    The course duration include getting changed /unchanged.
  • If weather/tide conditions are not favourable we may also have to delay the start time.
  • Not all students will successfully achieve all the course aims as it is dependant on the individuals own ability.